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Body Sculpturing 


  FACE LIFT      



Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum Thera​py stimulates the muscles, breaks the cellulite and fat deposits, removes toxins and improves lymphatic drainage. Vacuum therapy also helps restore the natural elasticity of the skin to soften the appearance of facial wrinkles and "orange peel" dimples as well as on the thighs and buttocks area. This therapy is painless, safe, and highly effective. In vacuum therapy through the combination of their different mechanisms of action and stimulating of the blood; performs lymphatic drainage, which means a direct stimulation of fibroblasts and an increase in elastin production collage grid, improves the texture and tone of the treated area.




The innovative professional cells of concentrated Heat or Cold, applied to the skin of the face with intervals

Vascular Superficial, that through vascular dilatation followed by vasoconstriction occur at each contrast a bath of blood into the epidermis causing oxygenation, nutrition and cell renewal, filling micro-wrinkles or lines.

In addition to that this therapy prevents aging thanks to the Elimination of free radicals

of the blood, which lead to alkalization and pH balance. 

Thus the Superficial Vascular Gymnastics let the skin look healthier and glowing.

It is recommended to complement this treatment with percussion massage cabin and maintain your results with the use of DermoGym® and cryogenic cosmetics.